My Hotmail is locked and I can't unlock it?

So. I recently forgot my password, and after multiple trials and errors, I hit the "Forgot Password" button. I went through the process and did what was required/what I could remember. I never linked my phone number so I couldn't use that, so I was forced to "verify online". and I later got a email saying my info wasn't accurate enough, and that they had locked my account The next day I remembered my password, but, oh no, my email is still locked, and I can't get the questionnaire to accept my information. (I never really send emails to people, so I can't fill in that part at all.) I really need help, and I've got no idea what to do. I can't make a new hotmail either, because I have so many of my things tied to my current one.

Answer 1

once an account is locked you have to contact the company to have them unlock.

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