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Problems with Hotmail/Outlook - now locked out both email accounts


I have been directed here by the Outlook twitter. I have tried to list quickly below the issue;


  • Have 2 Hotmail accounts - will name Account 1 and 2 for quickness.
  • Tried to log in to Account 2 with the usual password etc...said my password was incorrect. Worried someone else had accessed my account I had a new password sent to Account 1
  • Tried to log in to Account 1 and encountered the same problem. I opened Account 1 over 10 years ago so have no back up email addressed for this and could not remember my security question
  • I requested a new password to be sent to my work email and was asked to fill in a questionnaire.  Many of the question were not relevant - e.g My billing information, I have never paid anything for MSN/Hotmail/Outlook. So could only fill so much.
  • Received an automated email saying I had not filled in enough info with no option if you cannot fill in anymore.
  • Resorted to Twitter to try and get some sort of help, directed me here where I had to open ANOTHER account just to ask how I can get access back for my other emails.

Would really appreciate any help as I really need access, especially to Account 2.


Thanks in advance.

Answer 2

Hi SamGallacher,


I have sent you a private message asking for the affected email for further investigation.

If anyone else is having the same issue, please create a support case using our secure e-form.

Contact Support



I have been locked out for 30 days as well - struggling to find any help to resolve this as i need to access my emails urgently!!!

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